Crest of OntarioOntario is Canada’s second largest and most populated province at around 13.6 million, and is home to the country’s capital city of Ottawa. The well known city of Toronto is located along the populous northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Ontario boasts many fantastic cities and towns, and the province is surrounded by a series of lakes, the largest being Lake Ontario. This makes for a more humid climate providing cold winters and hot summers. 

Ontario shares a number of borders with the USA making it easy for residents to take trips to see family and friends as well as take advantage of lower taxation on certain goods. The province is also where Canada’s number one tourist attraction Niagara Falls is located. Within Canada, Ontario borders the province of Quebec at one end and Manitoba at the other.

Ontario is a very desirable province in Canada and offers excellent education and quality of life it boasts some amazing scenery and has activities to occupy you in both the summer and winter months. It boasts some world-famous sports teams (Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Blue Jays, and Toronto FC) and until a few years ago was home to the tallest building in the world the CN Tower.

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Ajax is a town in the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area, located about 30 minutes from downtown Toronto. It’s proximity to the city, but quiet setting has been attracting many to the area that want to be close to everything, but still feel like they are in a rural setting. Ajax is a progressive, diverse and vibrant waterfront community that prides itself on fostering community inclusion and diversity, and having an environment friendly philosophy. 

If you are wanting to capitalize on the fact that Ajax is along the shores of Lake Ontario, there are a number of options for neighbourhoods - Duffins Bay, Discovery Bay, Clover Ridge and Pickering Beach are just some of the neighbourhoods that residents have flocked to in order to capture the views and be close to the beach. For commuters, the west side of town may be ideal to cut down travel time. The neighborhoods of South Greenwood, Duffins Crossing and Riverside are all great options. If you are wanting to be right where the action is and close to amenities then the east side of town has some great locations. The neighbourhoods of Deer Creek, Audley North or Audley South all offer easy access to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. 

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